Gorilla tracking is the most sought-after activity in Uganda and for a good reason. Uganda boasts of more than half of the world’s Gorilla population. These endangered, brown eyed, gentle giants now inhabit the dense forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest
Chimpanzees have been said to be humans’ closest cousin, sharing almost 99% of our DNA. How intriguing it is then to visit them and watch them go through their daily routine! Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can be done in Kibale Forest National Park whose predominant attraction are the Chimpanzees.
These striking orange-coated primates are an endangered species that have found sanctuary in Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park. The Golden monkeys can be tracked through the slopes of Mount Gahinga’s bamboo rich habitat.
Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in African and arguably the world with over 1000 bird species documented. It does not matter where you are, there are birds to be seen. The scenic, serene and lush green nature amplifies the birding experience wherever you go
Uganda was dubbed the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill in his 1908 book, “My African Journey” for a good reason. The country is made up of a contrast of green lush hills and vast savannah lands spread out as far as the eyes can see.
There are 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves, 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 5 community Wildlife managed areas in Uganda. Game drives are a major activity in many of these protected areas because some of the National Parks cover up to 5072km2 and have wildlife spread out throughout the expanse of the land.
Approximately 37,000 Sq km of Uganda’s 241,559 Sq Km total Land area is covered by open water. Lake Victoria which is also Africa’s largest fresh water Lake and River Nile, the longest River in the world offer the most popular water bodies on which Boating activities are done.
Uganda has over 55 different tribes, each with its own unique language, traditions and culture. In every part of the country surrounding the tourist sights and National Parks are local communities that can be visited without getting out of your pre-planned travel route.
Fishing in Uganda is fresh water fishing. There are several Island locations where you can do fishing such as Bulago Islands but the best it still Murchison Falls National park. Here, you can spend Half a day or a full day fishing for the Nile Perch that are in plenty and quite big in size due to the fact that not many people fish in the area.
For decades, Uganda as a tourism destination was known for its Primate and wildlife safaris. In recent years, Adventure water sports has been added to the list of activities that you can enjoy while in Uganda and the adventure capital of Uganda is none other than the former industrial town of Jinja.
Uganda is gifted by Nature and water falls are part of that gift. Most of the falls flow from atop mountains like Mount Elgon, Mount Rwenzori while other have their source in Rivers like the River Nile. Visit the scenic Sipi falls, surrounded by green gardens of plantain, coffee, vegetables and other food crops on lush green hills are valleys, a most stunning view indeed.
Uganda offers one of Africa’s greatest Mountaineering hikes that can be done on Mountain Rwenzori dubbed the Mountains of the Moon by the geographer Ptolemy. Rwenzori is made up of six mountains; Speke, Emin, Gessi, Baker, Sacioa and the highest peak in Uganda and 3rd highest in Africa,
Uganda is with tropical climate and mostly savannah lands which means, most of the country is flat with a few rocky areas here and there. This kind of terrain makes for a perfect biking tour. Groups can organize.
As dawn approaches, take off and float over the national park in time to catch the wildlife arise to begin the day with the most spectacular savannah sunrise you have ever seen. The Hot Air Balloon safaris is a recent activity done in two national parks in Uganda; Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park
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