Uganda’s Premier Self Drive Car Rental Company Alpha Rent a Car.

Alpha Rent a Car is the pioneer Self Drive Car Rental Company for Safaris in Uganda. We operate with 4-wheel drive Cars that include budget car Rentals, African terrain modified Land cruisers and Roof tent Land cruisers for those who prefer Camping Safaris.

Personalized packages

Alpha Rent A Car offers a highly personalized Self Drive Car Rental service. With dedicated travel consultants catering to all your travel needs, think about what you would like to see and do then let us design all aspects of your on-ground travel for a stress-free holiday planning. Our Itineraries are tailored to each client taking into account all the details as requested. So, you can ask as many questions as you have and we shall be there to answer. The best part is, we do not even charge you for this.

Why do a self-drive safari?

  • The freedom and practicality offered on a self-drive holiday really is unlike any other way of travelling.
  • Think privacy then you know a self drive safari is the way to go.
  • Unlike travel options where your tour guide is sticking to a strict time schedule, a self-drive holiday puts you in control.
  • With an open mileage, you are able to travel at your own pace and leisure and decide where you want to go and how long to stay for.  
  • If adventure is your end game, then what better way to achieve it than to discover the hidden beauties of East Africa on your own, armed only with a Map/GPS and a 4 wheel drive car?



Family Safari Self Drive

Your sense of adventure does not disappear just because you have kids, so why should your family holidays be limited? Enjoy a self drive safari with Alpha Rent A Car and enrich your family holiday experience. We have had the pleasure of renting out our cars to families from all over the world who prefer the privacy that comes with self driving.

The best part of a family Self Drive Safari is that you take your time. Whenever the young ones get tired and fussy, you are at liberty to stop until you are ready to move again. Everything is at your discretion. Nothing is as enriching as watching your children see Africa with its colourful Road side fruit markets, fields and plantations, grass thatched huts and that is before you get to the game parks.


Is it safe to self-drive with kids?

Self-drive Safaris have no age restrictions other than the driver of course. You will feel even more secure because you are the one behind the wheel taking your family on this wonderous adventure. Despite the fact that most upcountry roads are dirt roads especially in the gazette areas, with a good 4-wheel drive car you can effortlessly drive through them.

Our cars are well fitted with sit belts as well as room for car seats if you have a toddler. Air conditioning so you can keep your windows up while driving to mention but a few. Besides this, we have 24 our dedicated staff who are ready to assist you whenever you need anything.

What accommodations

While in a new place, as a family you would prefer to stay together. That is why we recommend the family cottages. They normally vary in size depending on the number of people. The best part is, depending on your budget, you can have a private luxury self-catering cottage just for you and your family. So, do not let the fear of separation deter you from taking your family on a self drive safari.

What kind of activities

As one unit, you would naturally want to enjoy some activities together. Our family vacations also cater for this. We include not just the fun activities and adventures but also educational activities like experiential tourism, forest walks where the children can learn about the trees and eco system in the forests, game drives, boat cruises, visit to the water falls.

There are some activities that have age limits like primate tracking. We cater for this as well. The children are well taken care of and kept busy at the hotel with short activities while the adults complete these activities.

Why not take your family on a self discovery safari by choosing Self Drive with Alpha Rent a Car?

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Group Safaris Self Drive

“To share is to care”

Friends are like family, you can share experiences together to maximize the fun. That is what Alpha Rent a Car aims at achieving. All our group safaris are private with people you know or are acquainted with.

Our group safaris range from groups of as few as 3 to as many as 60 people of all ages travelling in a convoy of separate smaller teams depending on the number of people. Imagine having your friends and/or family all together but instead of being in your backyard for a barbecue, you are all in the African Wilderness enjoying a wilderness barbecue at your campsite, numerous tents erected and a Camp fire going surrounded by some of your closest people in the world. If you are not an outdoorsy person, then just imagine the same scenario but instead of Campsite, at a hotel in the wilderness of Africa. That feeling that cannot be put in words is what you need to experience in our group self drive safari.


From our experience, group safaris keep the members from feeling lonely while on Safari. When watching the sunset, you do not have to wish a certain someone was watching it with you because they are actually there with you.

If you prefer being surrounded by people, then a group Safari is what you need. You will feel safer travelling as a group than if you were alone traveler.  

There is the Cost sharing on Car hire, guides, fuel and even some accommodations.

Certainly, we all have varying interests. Since Alpha Rent a Car will design for you a personalized itinerary based on your interests, you will get to sharing the interests of your friends and family.

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Honey moon/Couple Self Drive

Maybe it is the sunny weather or the lush green hills or the super friendly people or the fresh lake shore beaches or the Islands or maybe the fact that you are in a totally new place that makes East Africa such a dreamy destination to spend your Honeymoon. What ever it is, we want you to try figuring it out as you start your lives together.

A Honeymoon is without a doubt one of the most memorable holidays in your life. So we at Alpha Rent A car simply want to help facilitate it. Why not take us up on our offer of a Self Drive while you work together to find your way?

Sit back and relax with guided safaris

Sit back and Relax with an utterly unique and memorable romantic Ugandan honeymoon safari experience! choose one of our tailor-made honeymoon packages or design your own itinerary, whatever suits you.

Exotic locations

Visit the fresh water Islands, go on sunset boat cruises, take a walk in one of Uganda’s Tropical forests teaming with primates, birdlife, exotic tree species, insect life, a few reptiles here and there and if you are lucky, some wildlife. Take safari game drives, meet the natives in an eye-opening cultural experience, hold hands at waterfalls, scream while bungee jumping, share a light competitive moment at the mini golf course, settle down at sunset a top a rock and watch the glorious yellow glow disappear across the vast savannah and also, enjoy the ambience and amenities of wilderness lodges ranging from budget to exclusive. Whatever your tastes.

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Individual Self Drive

One of our clients, a 35-year old French woman, when asked if she is not afraid to drive alone in an unfamiliar country, answered, “I am here for an adventure, discovering all these new places that I have never been to on my own is part of the adventure.” Are you also up for the adventure?

Is it safe?

Just like in any situation, your personal safety and security first and foremost is your personal responsibility. You can keep this by ensuring that you do not take unnecessary risks like picking up strangers along the way or driving late at night. Secondly, endeavor to plan your routes prior to starting your drive from one location to another.

That said, doing self drive in Uganda as an individual is very safe. Even so, in case of any uncertainty or situation, Alpha Rent a Car has its ground crew telephone contacts available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We ensure that all our client have these contacts at hand before driving off. Contact us immediately before taking any drastic measures and you will be assisted or advised.

You know that even though we are not physically present beside you, we are always there for you.

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