Mountain Climbing

Uganda offers one of Africa’s greatest Mountaineering hikes that can be done on Mountain Rwenzori dubbed the Mountains of the Moon by the geographer Ptolemy. Rwenzori is made up of six mountains; Speke, Emin, Gessi, Baker, Sacioa and the highest peak in Uganda and 3rd highest in Africa, standing at 5109m/16,762 feet on the Uganda/Congo border. To get to the snow peaks, you will hike through equatorial glaciers, tropical rain forests and Alpine meadows with giant lobelia and groundsels.

Other than the vegetation, you will be treated to mammals, birdlife, reptiles and amphibians that have made this beautiful towering mountain their home. Keep your eyes peeled. Other mountains include Mountain Elgon, Mountain Mgahinga and Mountain Moroto which offer exciting climbing but not as physically challenging as the Rwenzori.


How long does is take to ascend Mount Stanley?

It takes seven days with specialized climbing gear. This is the same for Speke and Baker. However, there are other shorter trails that can be organized for those who want to hike for only a few days or just one day.


Is there and age restriction?

There is no age barrier as long as you are physically capable. The oldest person to ascend Stanley was 78 years old.


Do I have to bring my own climbing gear?

Due to the snow and frequent bad weather, specialized climbing gear is mandatory, you can bring your own or hire from the organizers. However, you need to inquire prior to arrival as there might be some gear you need to bring.  Some of the items to bring; warm sleeping bag, torch, Summer shirt, trousers, warm hat, warm socks, hand gloves, rain jacket, backpack with water proof cover, lip salve, personal wash kit, first aid kit to mention but a few.

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