Golden Monkey Tracking

These striking orange-coated primates are an endangered species that have found sanctuary in Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park. The Golden monkeys can be tracked through the slopes of Mount Gahinga’s bamboo rich habitat.


How do I dress for Golden Monkey tracking?

Just like Gorillas and Chimpanzees, you need to come well prepared for a somewhat physical hike while tracking and as well, dressed in protective clothing – long sleeved shirts, trousers or pants, light rain jacket, padded gloves and comfortable walking shoes.


How do I book for Golden Monkey tracking?

It is best to pre-booked but there is the option of paying on site if it is done a day or two prior to the tracking date.


How long do I spend with the Golden Monkeys?

When you finally find the Golden Monkeys, you will spend one hour in their company before tracing your way back to the trail head with the assistance of your guide.


Golden Monkey Habituation

If you prefer to spend more time with the Monkeys, you can sign up and accompany the Researchers on a full day Golden Monkey Experience.

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