Cultural Tours

Uganda has over 55 different tribes, each with its own unique language, traditions and culture. In every part of the country surrounding the tourist sights and National Parks are local communities that can be visited without getting out of your pre-planned travel route. Even better, some of the communities have organized themselves and started community-based activities to take visitors in a remarkable cultural tour. Who better to guide you in a cultural tour than the locals themselves?

Cultural tours can be anything from spending an entire day with a family starting early morning as they go to farm in their gardens to harvesting crops, preparing the meal and enjoying it together. This is best for those who want to experience the life of a rural Ugandan.

Others offer community visits, cultural museum visit, visit to the medicine man, cultural museum visit, song and dance to mention but a few. If you happen to visit Uganda during the circumcision season (even years), be sure to spend a day or two in Eastern Uganda to take part in the dramatic ceremonies.

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