Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzees have been said to be humans’ closest cousin, sharing almost 99% of our DNA. How intriguing it is then to visit them and watch them go through their daily routine!

Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can be done in Kibale Forest National Park whose predominant attraction are the Chimpanzees. Other common locations to view Chimpanzees in Uganda are Budongo Forest, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu forest and Ngamba Islands.

Who can track Chimpanzees in Uganda?

Anyone 15 years old and above can track Chimpanzees.


How long do I spend with the Chimpanzees?

You get to spend one hour with the Chimpanzees upon locating them. The entire tracking from start to finish takes between 3 to 5 hours depending on how far they have moved.


How do I dress for Chimpanzee tracking?

Go for; comfortable walking shoes, long sleeved shirts and trousers/pants and carry a light rain jacket in case it rains while you are tracking.



Carry enough drinking water and some snacks if you must as well as Binoculars.


When is it best to do Chimpanzee tracking?

Chimpanzee tracking is done all year round so depending on your travel dates, you can always book as long as you have fixed your date of track.


How do I book for Chimpanzee tracking?

Chimpanzee tracking is pre-booked with A reliable tour agncy or book directly with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Permits can be for either morning tracking or afternoon tracking.


What should I expect:

Watch the Chimpanzee feeding and going about their daily routine up in the trees.

Enjoy a nature walk during tracking with sights of Birdlife, a variety of flora and other primates if you are lucky you might come across the forest elephants as well.


Chimpanzee Habituation

For those who want to spend more time with the Chimpanzees, Habituation experience is organized on a daily basis in Kibale Forest National Park and Budongo Forest. Ngamba Island is a sanctuary for the Chimpanzees that offers a closer interaction with the primates.

Chimpanzee Habituation experience can either be half day (Early morning to afternoon or Afternoon to late evening) or full day.

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