4 Local Snacks To Try When In Uganda

Usually fried with just a little oil and onions these snacks are served at tea time, this local delicacy is enjoyed by many and often served in homes to visitors. ‘Nsenene’ are very common during the rainy season and are caught and sold on the streets of Kampala and the surrounding suburbs


2. Kabalagala

Not to be confused with sweet baby bananas, kabalagala are also referred to as ‘Pancakes’. They are made by kneading very ripe sweet baby bananas and cassava flour. The dough is then deep fried into these delicious circular treats. Kabalagala are great snacks that go well with a hot beverage.


3. Gonja

Gonja is sweet plantain that can be either grilled or deep fried. You can normally find this delicious delicacy being sold by the road side in suburbs or in many restaurants. It is a great snack that goes with any hot or cold beverage. 


4. Rolex

There is no way that one can come to Uganda and not have a Rolex. This is a great snack that has become a staple. A Rolex is an omelette that is wrapped in a chapatti with fresh vegetables.

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