Is it safe to take Self-drive Safaris in Uganda and the East African region?

"Over 2000 people have traveled in our 4×4 vehicles over the last 16 years and no one has been subjected to any type of violent crime or similar dangerous situation: No animal attacks leading to any injury have taken place."

There is no doubt that with the usual precautions taken, self drive in Uganda is a safe way to travel.

The following will further reduce the chances of problems;

  1. We ensure a very well prepared and maintained vehicle
  2. Drive safely – build in more safety margin and keep below speed limits. 4×4 camp vehicles are different to driving standard cars.
  3. Mobile phone is recommended and provided when travelling to very remote areas. Mobile networks are reasonably good in Uganda but there are a few parks where you will not get network signal.
  4. Respect wildlife and keep your distance. Do not walk around at night and be generally aware and cautious in game parks especially when out of the vehicle. Never approach animals on foot and obey park regulations.
  5. Take precautions in cities or where there are people, be aware that in some areas there are crime elements. Generally keep to designated campsites.
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