Tourist Accommodation in Uganda

We have put together some of the best accommodation facilities in game parks and  other popular tourist destinations in the pearl of Africa, just for you!

Select your favourite car from our expansive list of 4x4s, and get on your way to a memorable holiday experience in the 5th best tourist destination in the world - Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

  1. Gorilla Forest Camp   (High end)
  2. The Haven Lodge   (Medium)
  3. Bwindi View Camp (Budget)
  4. Gorilla Mist Camp   (Medium)
  5. Broadbill Forest Camp   (Budget)
  6. Nkuringo Gorilla Camp (Medium)
  7. Bwindi Gorilla Backpackers (Budget)

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Kibale National Park

  1. Primate Lodge Kibale  (High end/Medium)
  2. Kibale Forest Lodge
  3. Crater  Safari Lodge
  4. Ndali Lodge
  5. Nyinabulitwa Lodge
  6. Kibale Cottages
  7. Chimpanzee View Guest House (Budget)


Kidepo Valley National Park

  1. Apoka Safari Lodge  (High end)
  2. Ngamuro Lodge    (Medium)
  3. Apoka Bandas  UWA. (Budget)

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Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

  1. Mgahinga Volcanoes Lodge  (High end)
  2. Kisoro Travellers’  Rest Hotel  (Budget)
  3. Kisoro Tourist Hotel
  4. Kisoro Country Resort
  5. Muhabura Hotel
  6. Golden Monkey Hotel
  7. Mgahinga Rest Camp (Basic)

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Mount Elgon National Park

  1. Pretorea Hotel (High end)
  2. Mt. Elgon Hotel  (Medium)
  3. Sipi River Lodge
  4. Noar's Ark Hotel
  5. Lacam Lodge
  6. Crow's Nest (Basic)

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Semuliki National Park

  1. Semuliki Safari Lodge  (High End)
  2. Ntoroko Safari Lodge (Medium)
  3. Bumaga Camp (Budget)

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Lake Mburo National Park

  1. Mihingo Lodge (High end)
  2. Mburo Safari Lodge (Medium)
  3. Rwakobo Rock
  4. Eagles’ Nest
  5. Rwonyo UWA. Camp (Budget)
  6. UWA Hostels

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Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Mweya Safari Lodge (High end)
  2. Ishasha Ntungwe Lodge
  3. Ishasha River Camp (Basic)
  4. Ihamba Lakeside Lodge
  5. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge (Budget)
  6. Ishasha Wilderness Camp  (High end)
  7. Ishasha Jungle Lodge   (Medium)

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Murchison Falls National Park

  1. Murchison River Lodge (High end)
  2. Nile Safari Camp (Medium)
  3. Red Chilli Rest Camp  (Budget)
  4. Chobe Safari Lodge (High end)
  5. Bwana Tembo Camp  (Medium)
  6. Global Village Pakwach

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